International World Wide Web Conference Committee

Past and Future Conferences

These are pointers to past and future IW3C2 Conferences or endorsed conferences, in reverse chronological order (original: .


WWW2008: The Seventeenth International WWW Conference
Date: April 22-25, 2008
Venue: Beijing, China


WWW2007: The Sixteenth International WWW Conference
Date: May 8-12, 2007
Conference Chairs: Carey Williamson, Mary Ellen Zurko
Program Chairs: Peter Patel-Schneider, Prashant Shenoy
Venue: Banff, Canada


WWW2006: The Fifteenth International WWW Conference
Conference Chairs: Leslie Carr, David De Roure, Arun Iyengar
Program Chairs: Carole Goble, Mike Dahlin
Date: May 22-26, 2006
Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)


WWW2005: The Fourteenth International WWW Conference
Conference Chairs: Tatsuya Hagino, Allan Ellis
Program Chair: Hideyuku Tokuda
Date: May 10-14, 2005
Venue: Chiba, Japan


WWW2004: The Thirteenth International WWW Conference
Conference Chairs: Stuart Feldman, Mike Uretsky
Programme Chairs: Marc Najork, Craig Wills
Date: May 17-22, 2004
Venue: New York, USA


WWW2003: The Twelfth International WWW Conference
Conference Chairs: Pテゥter Bakonyi, Gusztテ。v Hencsey, Bebo White
Programme Chairs: Lテ。szlテウ Kovテ。cs, Steve Lawrence, Robin Chen
Date: May 20-24, 2003
Venue: Budapest, Hungary


WWW2002: The Eleventh International WWW Conference
Conference Chair: David Lassner
Programme Chairs: Bill Chismar, Dave De Roure, Arun Iyengar
Date: May 6-11, 2002
Venue: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


WWW10: The Tenth International WWW Conference
Conference Chairs: Nabuo Saito, Vincent Shen
Programme Chairs: Michael Lyu, Mary Ellen Zurko
Date: May 1-5, 2001
Venue: Hong Kong, China


WWW9: The Ninth International WWW Conference
Conference Chairs: Ivan Herman, Al Vezza
Programme Chair: Dick Bulterman
Date: May 15-19, 2000
Venue: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


WWW8: The Eighth International WWW Conference
Conference Chairs: Albert Vezza, Murray Maloney, Robert Cailliau
Programme Chair: Alberto Mendelzon
Date: May 11-14, 1999
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada


WWW7: The Seventh International WWW Conference
Host: Consortium of Southern Cross University & Partners
Theme: Diversity
Date: April 14-18, 1998
Venue: Convention & Exhibition Center, Brisbane, Australia


WWW6: The Sixth International WWW Conference
Host: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) and Stanford University
Theme: AccessAbility
Date: April 7-11, 1997
Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center, California, USA


WWW5: The Fifth International WWW Conference
Host: Institut National pour la Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA)
Date: May 6-10, 1996
Venue: CNIT, Paris, France


WWW4: The Fourth International WWW Conference
Host: Laboratory for Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT/LCS)
Theme: The Web Revolution
Date: December 11-14, 1995
Venue: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

WWW3: The Third International WWW Conference
Host: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft/Institute for Graphic Design (FhG/IGD)
Theme: Technology, Tools, and Applications
Date: April 10-14, 1995
Venue: Darmstadt, Germany


WWW2: The Second International WWW Conference
Host: National Center for Supercomputing Applications, (NCSA)
Theme: Technology, Tools, and Applications
Date: October 17-20, 1994
Venue: Chicago, Illinois, USA

WWW1: The First International WWW Conference
Host: CERN
Date: May 25-27, 1994
Venue: CERN, Geneva, Switzerland/France


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