HTML5 datetime value test

This test is based on HTML5 datetime value examples listed in HTML Living Standard 4.6.11 The time element description. An HTML5 user agent should parse all* of the following (time elements content and datetime attirbute values) as valid datetime values.

*Except time values with fractional part of second, which is defined to be One, two, or three digits in the spec, while these examples have 5 digits fraction. Use fraction safe version to test per spec validation. See also Bug 19732.

A valid month string

A valid date string

A valid yearless date string

A valid time string

A valid local date and time string

A valid time-zone offset string

A valid global date and time string

A valid week string

Four or more digits, at least one of which is not U+0030 DIGIT ZERO (0)

A valid duration string