Flickr photo info to RDF image description

This service uses Flickr API to extract metadata from Flickr's photo repository, and generates an RDF description. If flickr 'note' presents, it will be translated into W3Photo Image Region Vocabulary, and be demonstrated via XSLT.

Give a URI of flickr's photo page (not photo list page, but individula photo's page), and get RDF. Flickrの写真ページ(リストではなく個別ページ)のURIを入力してください。

Flickr photo page uri:

Some samples:


With this bookmarklet, you can see any photo's RDF directly from its Flickr page.

Bookmark: Flickr2RDF


Also, try Flickr profile to FOAF to get most of Flickr.

Note: Image creator's property 'dc:creator' could be 'foaf:maker', but I use dc:creator based on danbri's memo on DC and Sparql. Feedback welcome.

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