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[J]Japanese help available (Set your browser's Language Preference to 'ja' if you always want Japanese version).

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Welcome to The Web KANZAKI. You can search the contents of this server via Google database.

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General Information

The top banner on each page has links to the welcome page of the site and its sub-sections, where you'll find general Table of Contents of this site. The "Help" link should bring you back to this page. Also, "Status info" link shows the page bottom, where the status information will tell you whether the contents are valid or not.

Note that if the Status has "Exp." sign, it indicates the page is still experimental and may not be complete.

Contents Negotiation and Language Preference

This site provides both English and Japanese versions for several contents (e.g. the welcome page and this help page). In order to determine which language you prefer, it utilizes the HTTP/1.1 contents negotiation mechanism.

If your agent program (browser) sends 'Accept-Language' header with its request, the server looks for the appropriate language version of the resource when applicable (Most browser can specify language preference, i.e. 'Accept-Language', via its option menu).

If, on the other hand, your browser does not send 'Accept-Language', the default English version will be returned. Also, Japanese pages have a link to their English alternatives whenever it presents.