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Masahide Kanzaki ( or masaka in some IRC)
Nearest airport and neighbor
Haneda, Tokyo International Airport, Japan Haneda, Tokyo, Japan ( neighbors , with accuracy of 10km square)
Suzuka, Mie, Japan ( neighbors , with accuracy of 1km square) 1960
Used to live
New York (1987-1989) ; Yokohama (1982-1987) ; Kyoto (1978-1982) ;
  • Knowledge sharing and communication design
  • Lecturer at Universities
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write your name in Japanese ?

My name in Japanese (Kanji) is:
Meaning and pronunciation (betw. //) of each character, from left to right, is:

  • God; /kan/
  • cape; /zaki/ (where the gods descend)
  • right or justice; /masa/
  • hero or wisdom; /hide/ (same as Hideo Nomo's hide)

Because my ancestor served God in Ise-Jingu, the Japan's most prestigious shrine, the first character of my name represents the profession. First two consist my family name Kanzaki, and rest my given name Masahide. Sounds good name, dosen't it?

Where did you live in New York ?
[West 94 St. crosses Broadway] 215 West 94th Street Apt #1414, NY, NY 10025. It was a crowded district. My apartment "West Side Studios" (Yes, it's still there! -- June '97) was an old building, standing along Broadway. It was about 30 minutes on foot from Columbia University (usually I took subway #1 or #9).
Which computer do you use ?

As of May 2001, PowerMac G4 450 and Dell Dimension C (750 MHz), Casio FIVA MPC 206, and a note PC with Vine Linux as a test environment. iMac and Panasonic Let's Note still help.

I started my computer experience with IBM P/S-2 model 50 in 1987 (No, actually, I used an 8-bit PC by NEC before that). Then I bought NEC's PowerMate (it's an IBM-PC compatible in the U.S., not a PC-9800 series), Toshiba's Dynabook J-3100SS (the first notebook computer in Japan). As a Macintosh user, I've owned Classic II, then LC-630. In 1996, I purchased Panasonic PronoteMini, a sub-note Windows95 machine with DX4 75MHz microprocessor, which is still working as a print server.

I've used several PDAs or hand held computers. NEC's Mobile Gear (MC-MK12) was the first of such tools, joined at the end of 1996. It was a really handy (550g) machine with full-size keyboard. Since I needed much smaller data organizer, I got an IBM ChipCard, and then, Citizen's DataSlim -- a Japanese viersion of Rex. Good. And HP's Jornada 680 (Windows CE), then Toshiba's GENIO e550GX (PocketPC) were the successor of the Mobile Gear.

Now I don't bring any PDA with me. Rather, I use my cell phone as web browser, mail reader, scheduler as well as GPS equipped digital camera.

Will you tell me more about Japan if I send you an e-mail ?
Well, if I have enough time, and have appropriate knowledge or information about your inquiry, it's my pleasure to help you. However, this is not a commercial service to provide Japanese information. Sometimes I can find only partial answer, or no answer at all. And, quite often, I'm too busy to write back, unfotunately. So, please do not expect too much from me. See site policy page.