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Basic Definition

Property Name
The property defines an "Attendee" within a calendar component.
Value Type
Property Parameters
Non-standard, language, calendar user type, group or list membership, participation role, participation status, RSVP expectation, delegatee, delegator, sent by, common name or directory entry reference property parameters can be specified on this property.
This property MUST be specified in an iCalendar object that specifies a group scheduled calendar entity. This property MUST NOT be specified in an iCalendar object when publishing the calendar information (e.g., NOT in an iCalendar object that specifies the publication of a calendar user's busy time, event, to-do or journal). This property is not specified in an iCalendar object that specifies only a time zone definition or that defines calendar entities that are not group scheduled entities, but are entities only on a single user's calendar.


The property MUST only be specified within calendar components to specify participants, non-participants and the chair of a group scheduled calendar entity. The property is specified within an "EMAIL" category of the "VALARM" calendar component to specify an email address that is to receive the email type of iCalendar alarm.

The property parameter CN is for the common or displayable name associated with the calendar address; ROLE, for the intended role that the attendee will have in the calendar component; PARTSTAT, for the status of the attendee's participation; RSVP, for indicating whether the favor of a reply is requested; CUTYPE, to indicate the type of calendar user; MEMBER, to indicate the groups that the attendee belongs to; DELEGATED-TO, to indicate the calendar users that the original request was delegated to; and DELEGATED-FROM, to indicate whom the request was delegated from; SENT-BY, to indicate whom is acting on behalf of the ATTENDEE; and DIR, to indicate the URI that points to the directory information corresponding to the attendee. These property parameters can be specified on an "ATTENDEE" property in either a "VEVENT", "VTODO" or "VJOURNAL" calendar component. They MUST not be specified in an "ATTENDEE" property in a "VFREEBUSY" or "VALARM" calendar component. If the LANGUAGE property parameter is specified, the identified language applies to the CN parameter.

A recipient delegated a request MUST inherit the RSVP and ROLE values from the attendee that delegated the request to them.

Multiple attendees can be specified by including multiple "ATTENDEE" properties within the calendar component.

Format Definition

The property is defined by the following notation:

  attendee   = "ATTENDEE" attparam ":" cal-address CRLF

  attparam   = *(

             ; the following are optional,
             ; but MUST NOT occur more than once

             (";" cutypeparam) / (";"memberparam) /
             (";" roleparam) / (";" partstatparam) /
             (";" rsvpparam) / (";" deltoparam) /
             (";" delfromparam) / (";" sentbyparam) /
             (";"cnparam) / (";" dirparam) /
             (";" languageparam) /

             ; the following is optional,
             ; and MAY occur more than once

             (";" xparam)



The following are examples of this property's use for a to-


The following is an example of this property used for specifying
multiple attendees to an event:

   ;PARTSTAT=ACCEPTED;CN=Jane Doe:MAILTO:jdoe@host1.com

The following is an example of this property with a URI to the
directory information associated with the attendee:

  ATTENDEE;CN=John Smith;DIR="ldap://host.com:6666/o=eDABC%

The following is an example of this property with "delegatee" and
"delegator" information for an event:

  ORGANIZER;CN=John Smith:MAILTO:jsmith@host.com
   "MAILTO:iamboss@host2.com";CN=Henry Cabot:MAILTO:hcabot@
   "MAILTO:hcabot@host2.com";CN=The Big Cheese:MAILTO:iamboss

The following is an example of this property's use when
another calendar user is acting on behalf of the "Attendee":

  ATTENDEE;SENT-BY=MAILTO:jan_doe@host1.com;CN=John Smith:MAILTO: