4.3.11 Text

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Basic Definition

Value Name
This value type is used to identify values that contain human readable text.

Formal Definition

The character sets supported by this revision of
iCalendar are UTF-8 and US ASCII thereof. The applicability to other
character sets is for future work. The value type is defined by the
following notation.

  text       = *(TSAFE-CHAR / ":" / DQUOTE / ESCAPED-CHAR)
  ; Folded according to description above

  ESCAPED-CHAR = "\\" / "\;" / "\," / "\N" / "\n")
     ; \\ encodes \, \N or \n encodes newline
     ; \; encodes ;, \, encodes ,
  TSAFE-CHAR = %x20-21 / %x23-2B / %x2D-39 / %x3C-5B
               %x5D-7E / NON-US-ASCII
     ; Any character except CTLs not needed by the current
     ; character set, DQUOTE, ";", ":", "\", ","

  Note: Certain other character sets may require modification of the
  above definitions, but this is beyond the scope of this document.


If the property permits, multiple "text" values are specified by a COMMA character (US-ASCII decimal 44) separated list of values.

The language in which the text is represented can be controlled by the "LANGUAGE" property parameter.

An intentional formatted text line break MUST only be included in a "TEXT" property value by representing the line break with the character sequence of BACKSLASH (US-ASCII decimal 92), followed by a LATIN SMALL LETTER N (US-ASCII decimal 110) or a LATIN CAPITAL LETTER N (US-ASCII decimal 78), that is "\n" or "\N".

The "TEXT" property values may also contain special characters that are used to signify delimiters, such as a COMMA character for lists of values or a SEMICOLON character for structured values. In order to support the inclusion of these special characters in "TEXT" property values, they MUST be escaped with a BACKSLASH character. A BACKSLASH character (US-ASCII decimal 92) in a "TEXT" property value MUST be escaped with another BACKSLASH character. A COMMA character in a "TEXT" property value MUST be escaped with a BACKSLASH character (US-ASCII decimal 92). A SEMICOLON character in a "TEXT" property value MUST be escaped with a BACKSLASH character (US-ASCII decimal 92). However, a COLON character in a "TEXT" property value SHALL NOT be escaped with a BACKSLASH character.Example: A multiple line value of:

Project XYZ Final Review Conference Room - 3B Come Prepared.

would be represented as:

Project XYZ Final Review\nConference Room - 3B\nCome Prepared.


(No exmple provided)