The Brain Death and Politics

The Asahi Shimbun conducted a face to face survey on the Japanese opinion about brain death and the politics, in the occasion of the diet discussion about the issue. The survey was done on May 24 and 25, 1997, for 2,000 votes and got effective response from 1,232. Proportion of male vs female was 48% : 52%.

  1. Do you support the Hashimoto Cabinet ?
  2. Which party do you like best ?
  3. Besides your preference, which do you select if you should ?
  4. Current Diet discusses the bill about an organ transplant. How do you think "brain death" and "human death" ?
  5. Do you agree to state by law that the brain death is the human death ?
  6. Do you agree to transplant a heart or a liver from a person who is judged as the brain death ?
  7. Do you think the Organ Transplant Bill should be passed as soon as possible ?
  8. Do you think that, if the transplant from the brain death person is admitted, then the treatment to save the life will tend to be neglected because of a haste judgement of the brain death ?
  9. In Lower House, most parties let their members to vote on their own judgement, without imposing the party policy. Do you think this was good ?