Constitution of Japan 1997
- Japanese opinion at its 50th anniversary -

The Asahi Shimbun conducted a face to face survey about the Japanese opinion about their Constitution, in the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The survey was done on April 20 and 21, 1997, for 3,000 votes and got effective response from 2,251. Proportion of male vs female was 48% : 52%.

  1. It will be a 50 year anniversary of Japanese Constitution on May 3rd, 1997. How do you perceive the current Constitution ?
  2. Then, which problem were you reminded of the relationship with the Constitution recently ?
  3. Do you think, in general, current Constitution is good one or not ?
  4. What influence do you think this Constitution has exerted upon Japanese society in last 50 years ?
  5. On which part of the Constitution do you think should be taken more effort to achieve ?
  6. The Constitution states that "All people shall have the right to maintain the minimum standards of wholesome and cultural living". How do you think this is achieved ?
  7. When there is a conflict between public welfare and individual rights, which do you think is regarded more important ?
  8. Do you think female is discriminated quite often in this society ?
  9. Do you think your vote has power to influence politics ?
  10. Diet members, Ministers and bureaucrats are obliged to respect and uphold the Constitution. Do you think they fullfill this obligation ?
  11. The Supreme Court is expected to determine the constitutionality of any law, order, regulation or official act. Do you think the Supreme Court fullfill the role of the "Keeper of the Constitution" ?
  12. How do you think about the Emperor system ?
  13. Do you think Japan is considered reliable by other nations in the world ?
  14. Japan declared in its Constitution that its people "renounce war" and would never maintain any forces. Do you think this decision was good or not ?
  15. There are conflicting opinions that "current SDF is unconsitutional" and "it is constitutional". Which opinion do you agree with ?
  16. In which role do you think the SDF should be active from now on ?
  17. Do you think the declaration of "renunciation of war" in Japanese Constitution has contributed to the peace of Asia-Pacific region ?
  18. Then, do you think the idea of "renunciation of war" in our Constitution will contribute to future peace of the world ?
  19. When Japan is requested to help solving international disputes, do you think it will be able to contribute enough under current Constitution ?
  20. Do you think we should amend the article 9 that declares the renunciation of war and give-up of forces ?
  21. Reading all chapters, do you think we should amend current Constitution ?
  22. (To those 46% who answered Yes to the previous question) Which part should be amended ?
  23. (To those 46% who answered Yes to the previous question) Do you think the amendment of the Constitution is an urgent problem ?