Japanese and Pets 1997

The Asahi Shimbun conducted a face to face survey on the Japanese opinion about pets. The survey was done on June 8 and 9, 1997, for 3,000 votes and got effective response from 2,248. Proportion of male vs female was 49% : 51%.

  1. What do you think of a pet ?
  2. What do you think is a good point of a pet ?
  3. Then, what do you think is the problem about pet ?
  4. Do your neighbours have good manners in owning a pet ?
  5. How do you think about having pets in condominium ? Do you hope it is permitted to have them ?
  6. When you see someone brings his/her pet in a park or square, are you anxious about its breeding ?
  7. What do you think about dressing pets ?
  8. What do you think if you see a cat dreaming on a fence ?
  9. Then, what do you think of a person who feeds a homeless cat every day ?
  10. Do you think you and your pet can understand each other if you love the pet ?
  11. Do you think you feel happy often if you were a pet ?
  12. Do you have any pets in your home ?
  13. (For those who have pets) Then, what do you have ?
  14. (For those who do not have pets) Do you want to have a pet if you have a chance ?
  15. Which do you prefer between dog and cat ?
  16. Recently, an electronic game to grow a virtual pet such as tamagotchi became very popular. How do you think about these games ?