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Basic Definition

Property Name
The property defines the intended venue for the activity defined by a calendar component.
Value Type
Property Parameters
Non-standard, alternate text representation and language property parameters can be specified on this property.
This property can be specified in "VEVENT" or "VTODO" calendar component.


Specific venues such as conference or meeting rooms may be explicitly specified using this property. An alternate representation may be specified that is a URI that points to directory information with more structured specification of the location. For example, the alternate representation may specify either an LDAP URI pointing to an LDAP server entry or a CID URI pointing to a MIME body part containing a vCard [RFC 2426] for the location.

Format Definition

The property is defined by the following notation:

  location   = "LOCATION locparam ":" text CRLF

  locparam   = *(

             ; the following are optional,
             ; but MUST NOT occur more than once

             (";" altrepparam) / (";" languageparam) /

             ; the following is optional,
             ; and MAY occur more than once

             (";" xparam)



The following are some examples of this property:

  LOCATION:Conference Room - F123, Bldg. 002

   Conference Room - F123, Bldg. 002