4.7.2 Method

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Basic Definition

Property Name
This property defines the iCalendar object method associated with the calendar object.
Value Type
Property Parameters
Non-standard property parameters can be specified on this property.
The property can be specified in an iCalendar object.


When used in a MIME message entity, the value of this property MUST be the same as the Content-Type "method" parameter value. This property can only appear once within the iCalendar object. If either the "METHOD" property or the Content-Type "method" parameter is specified, then the other MUST also be specified.

No methods are defined by this specification. This is the subject of other specifications, such as the iCalendar Transport-independent Interoperability Protocol (iTIP) defined by [ITIP].

If this property is not present in the iCalendar object, then a scheduling transaction MUST NOT be assumed. In such cases, the iCalendar object is merely being used to transport a snapshot of some calendar information; without the intention of conveying a scheduling semantic.

Format Definition

The property is defined by the following notation:

  method     = "METHOD" metparam ":" metvalue CRLF

  metparam   = *(";" xparam)

  metvalue   = iana-token


The following is a hypothetical example of this property to
convey that the iCalendar object is a request for a meeting: